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  • Temporary Fencing Adelaide: Secure, Versatile, and Easy-to-Install
  • Temporary Fencing Adelaide: Secure, Versatile, and Easy-to-Install
Temporary Fencing Adelaide: Secure, Versatile, and Easy-to-Install Temporary Fencing Adelaide: Secure, Versatile, and Easy-to-Install

Temporary Fencing Adelaide: Secure, Versatile, and Easy-to-Install

  • Product No.:20231222143840
  • Price:8.88$-45.33$ PER PCS
  • MOQ:250 kits
  • UV treated:10
  • Colors:RAL
  • Production Time:12 days
  • Packing:Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
  • Wire Diameter:2.5mm /2.7mm /3.00mm /4.00mm
  • Tubes Option:25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 41.2mm
  • Mesh:60x150
  • Standard:AS4687-2007
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BMP's temporary fencing in Adelaide is a top choice for those who need a quick, reliable, and easy-to-install fencing solution. These fences are perfect for various situations, from construction sites to public events.

Hot Sale Removable Construction Site Galvanized Welded Australia Temporary Fence Panels

Hot Sale Removable Construction Site Galvanized Welded Australia Temporary Fence Panels

Easy Installation:

Setting up these fences is simple. You don't have to dig holes or lay foundations. This makes them perfect for places where you can't or don't want to disturb the ground.

Versatile and Strong:

Made from hot-dipped galvanized wire and tube, these fences are built to last. They stand up well in all kinds of weather, making them a durable choice for any need.

Temporary Fencing Adelaide Specifications:

  • Height x Length: 2100mm x 2400mm
  • Frame Tube: 32mm x 2.0mm
  • Wire Diameter: 4mm
  • Mesh Size: 60mm x 150mm
Specification Feature Description or Value
Product Type Temporary fencing with welded mesh filled in
Material Hot dipped galvanized wire & tube
Panel Height 2100mm
Panel Length 2400mm
Frame Tube Size 32mm x 2.0mm
Wire Diameter 4mm
Mesh Size 60mm x 150mm
Surface Treatment Hot-Dipped Galvanized
Typical Applications Construction Sites, Security Projects, Crowd Control
Fence Base Type Plastic Temporary Fence Feet, Blow Moulded or Injection Moulded
Clamp/Coupler Type Heavy Duty 4.0mm Thick steel, Hot-Dipped Galvanised – 42 Microns
Other Panel Sizes Heights: 1800mm, 2000mm, 2100mm; Lengths: 2000mm, 2100mm, 2300mm, 2400mm, 2500mm
Other Frame Tube Sizes Diameters: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, 48mm OD; Thickness: 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
Other Wire Diameters 3.0mm, 4.0mm
Other Mesh Sizes 50x50mm, 50x100mm, 50x200mm, 75x150mm, 100x300mm; Chain Link: 50x50mm, 60x60mm
Surface Options Pre-galvanized wire and tube, hot dip galvanized wire and tube

The Production Process of Temporary Fencing Adelaide 

The creation of temporary fencing panels is a meticulous process that transforms raw materials into the robust barriers we see on construction sites, at public events, and around secure areas. Here's how these essential safety components are made:

Hot Sale Removable Construction Site Galvanized Welded Australia Temporary Fence Panels

1. Starting with the Raw Material:

It all begins with high-quality steel, which is the core raw material for temporary fencing panels. This steel must meet specific strength and durability standards to ensure the finished fences can withstand environmental elements and maintain structural integrity.

2. Straightening and Cutting:

The steel arrives in coils and needs to be straightened before it's cut. Specialized machines straighten the steel wires and tubes, and then they're cut to precise lengths. This step is crucial because it determines the height and width of the fencing panels.

3. Welding the Panel:

Once cut to size, the wires are carefully welded together to form the mesh panel. This mesh is what gives the fence its distinctive appearance and function. Welding is done with precision to ensure every intersection is joined securely, providing the necessary strength.

4. Creating the Wire Mesh Panel:

The welded mesh is now laid out to create the full panel. The mesh must have uniform squares and be free of any defects. This attention to detail is essential for the fence to perform its function correctly.

5. Checking Wire Diameter (Wire Dia):

Quality control measures include checking the wire diameter, also known as wire gauge. This step ensures that the wire used meets the required thickness, which is vital for the durability and strength of the fence.

6. Spot Welding Processing:

Spot welding is used to join the mesh panel to the frame. This process involves applying heat and pressure to specific points, ensuring the mesh is securely attached to the frame.

7. Welding the Frame:

The outer frame of the Temporary Fencing Adelaide panel is welded together, providing a sturdy border that holds the mesh panel. The frame is what gives the temporary fencing its shape and additional support.

8. Determining Length and Width:

After the frame is welded, the dimensions of the fence are checked again. The length and width of each panel must be accurate to ensure they fit together when installed.

9. The Final Steps - Packing:

Once the panels are assembled, they are stacked and packed for shipping. Proper packaging is essential to protect the panels during transport and ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition, ready for installation.

Ensuring Excellence: The Quality Control Process for Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary fencing panels serve as a critical component for site security and safety, which is why their quality control process is pivotal. Let’s delve into the meticulous steps taken to ensure that every fencing panel meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Hot Sale Removable Construction Site Galvanized Welded Australia Temporary Fence Panels

1. Inspecting the Fence Panel:

Quality control begins with a thorough inspection of the fence panel. Each panel is examined for structural integrity, ensuring that the frame and mesh are free of any defects, damage, or imperfections that could compromise safety or functionality.

2. Measuring Mesh Size:

An accurate mesh size is crucial for the effectiveness of a fence panel. Quality control specialists use precision tools to measure the spaces between the wires within the mesh. This is to verify that the mesh size is consistent and meets specified dimensions, which are critical for the fence's strength and the level of security it provides.

3. Verifying Panel Length:

The length of each Temporary Fencing Panels Adelaide is measured to ensure it matches the required dimensions. This step guarantees that panels will fit together seamlessly when installed, maintaining a uniform barrier and ensuring ease of setup.

4. Checking Wire Diameter:

Using calipers, the diameter of the wires used in the fence is checked. The correct wire diameter is vital for the fence’s overall strength and durability. This measurement must align with the product specifications to ensure that the fencing can withstand the rigors of its intended use.

5. Confirming Panel Height:

The height of each Temporary Fencing Adelaide is measured to make sure it provides adequate coverage and meets safety standards. Taller panels offer more security and are often required for construction sites and event spaces to prevent unauthorized access or contain crowds.

Each of these quality control steps is conducted with attention to detail, ensuring that every temporary fencing panel that passes inspection is ready for deployment in the field. These measures not only fulfill compliance with safety regulations but also uphold the manufacturer’s commitment to providing reliable and effective fencing solutions.

Temporary Fencing Adelaide Applications:

  • Construction Sites: Keep your building areas safe and secure.
  • Public Events: Manage crowds at concerts, sports events, or festivals.
  • Residential Areas: Useful for house building or demolition sites.

Additional Features:

  • Plastic and Metal Feet: These make the fence panels stable and easy to move.
  • Removable Feet: For easy transport and storage.
  • Clamps/Couplers: Heavy-duty steel clamps ensure the panels stay connected.

Temporary Fencing Adelaide Customization:

We offer various sizes and styles, including welded and chain link options. You can choose the right type of fence for your project.

Quality Assurance:

At BMP, we test our products thoroughly. We check the zinc coating and tension strength to ensure top-quality. You can trust that our fences are strong, reliable, and built to last.

Packaging & Shipping:

We pack our Temporary Fencing Adelaide efficiently, either in bulk for easy loading or on pallets if required. This makes transport and handling straightforward.

Hot Sale Removable Construction Site Galvanized Welded Australia Temporary Fence Panels
Hot Sale Removable Construction Site Galvanized Welded Australia Temporary Fence Panels

Supporting Accessories:

For areas with high winds, we provide additional supports like fence braces or stays. They ensure the fence stands firm even in challenging conditions.

BMP's Commitment:

Our temporary fencing solutions in Adelaide are designed with your needs in mind. They offer a balance of durability, ease of use, and versatility. Whether it's for construction, an event, or a residential project, our fences provide the security and flexibility you need.