Rubbish Cage

Rubbish Bin
Rubbish Cage

Parts of the Kit: 

  4 panels _ front, back, right and left;

 2 lids

  12 Clamps. OR  4 Clamps with 4 hooks.

Mesh wire & aperture 5mmx60mmx150mm   
Frame pipe32mmx2.0mm
Parts of kit4 panels, 2 lids, 12 clamps or 4 clamps with 4 hooks
Surface treatmentHot-dip galvanized

The rubbish cage is a temporary enclosure that acts as an alternative to the skip bin. The cages are made of the temporary fence panel.

It mostly used for a construction site, make building sites clean and a better place for workers and the environment.

Rubbish cages kit consists of

  • 4 Panels
  • 2 Lids

Main Size:

  • Wire dia; 3.0mm,4.0mm,5.0mm
  • Mesh: 50x50mm,75x75mm,100x100mm
  • LXWXH:2200x2200x1500mm
  • Other sizes also can be accepted

Our design is without any other extra clamps. The rubbish cages are easy to assemble and move apart for emptying.

You don’t need to afraid that the cages can’t be installed if there are accessories lost when delivering.