Temporary Fence Base

Full range Of Fence Base

We own complete molding of fence base no matter you need blow molding base or injection base available any hole size you need and put your logo and business name website phone number on it, we are proud of supplying these with the highest UV treated 3 years 5 year 10 year no color lighter even our temporary fence base drop it from 3 meter height no broken bottom of face even bottom of face touch with ground our fence base is the highest quality

Temporary Fencing Base -LNF001

LNF-001 temporary fencing base is a classical and standard fencing base in the market since 2001 years design by Australia local market was the fencing base with a rabbit ear design inside concrete filled weight 27.00kg-30kg. The dimension of size: L600MM*W230MM*H150MM materials of Base HDPE5502 UV treated BASF series Available 3 years 5 years 10 years Hole size: 32mm and 40mm as a standard other hole size available also center distance 75mm 85mm 100mm order quantity than 500 pcs available all color series

Temporary Fence Base-LNF002

LNF-002 Temporary Fencing Base is super heavy duty design the materials are virgin HDPE materials 5502 sizes dimension L620mm*Width230mm*H150mm after filled concrete weight upon to 30kg color available all optional center distance 75mm 85mm 90mm and 100mm and hole size 32mm 40mm other 38mm 48mm and 60mm also available more details please contact us

Temporary Fence Block- LNF-003

LNF-003 Temporary Fencing base the technology are injection molding all center distance is 75mm holes available 32mm and 40mm 48mm etc size of fence foot is 560mm*240mm*130mm after filled weight 32.00kg our fencing base compare with others with an obvious advantage contact us we will let us know

Temporary Fence Block- LNF-004

LNF-004 Temporary Fencing base with a 620mm length x 220mm width and an 80mm height to comply with AS1926.1-2007Swimming Pool Safety standard UV treated filled with concrete weight 20kg/pieces

Cross Hole of Temp Fence Feet

Temporary Fencing Base Suit With Star Picket

Other Optional of Fence Base

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