Portable Construction Fence

We provide a series of temporary fencing to AU and NZ market in an affordable rate, we are china number 1 factory making both of temporary fencing panels and base in the same factory, completely productions system enable us always give customers lowest rate and beat any competitors from china

due to we owned 80 /100mm two set blow molding HDPE machine so lots of local guys buy temporary fencing base from us due to we are the direct factory, quality is guaranteed, price is too good for you resale profit. If you need temporary fencing NO DOUBT to buy from the US, we always online 365 days even in holidays

Advantage of OUR TEMPORARY FENCING compare with OTHERS 

  1. temporary fencing panels two face welding double stronger than most of the panels you buy from china cause they just welding in a single face 
  2. For our local sale we only PUT UV 531 but for ourself owned customer we put UV 531, UV 770 and BHT 3 powder for anting UV and aging 
  3. 4.00mm thickness clamp system full hot dipped galvanized into zinc pool minimum 42 microns which equal to 300 grams/sqm, not like others just 3.00mm or even thicker clamp
  4. Real factory owned facility from mesh welding to the hand welding workers even blow plastic HDPE and punched clamp etc
Fence panel height x length2.1×2.4m, 1.8×2.4m, etc
Wire diameter3mm, 4mm
Welded mesh opening60x150mm (popular), 75x75mm, 75x100mm, 60x75mm
Fence frame pipe32mm (popular), 42mm, 48mm, etc
Fence pipe thickness1.4mm, 1.8mm or 2mm
Clampsuit for different outer diameter pipe75mm center space
Materiallow carbon steel
Surface treatmenthot dipped galvanized