New Design Co-polymer polypropylene Temporary Fencing Base

We are available full range of color optional as long as your quantity big enough
Temporary Fence Supplied Melbourne
Advantage of New Design Temporary Fence Base
1High Visibility Fence Block easy to See Various Colour Optional
2Eeaier to handle no sharp ege friendly to workers
3Not easy to cracking or crone and Chipping etc
4 visually appealing and professional looking
5Virgin co-polymer polypropylene Materials offer a Offer long term cost benefits
6Highest UV protection for Sun and Weather 3 year 5 year 10 year guarantee quality
7All temporary fence post hole 25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 40mm available
8Personalised name plates just one time charge 150$
Filled500mm Steel Wire Wire 2 PCS Plus MPA42
Size570 x 245 x 130 mm
Weight30kg -32.00kg

The bottom of Co-polymer polypropylene TEMP FENCE BASE injection molding technology base is 100% flat so they can overcome A steep descent ground