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  • Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites
  • Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites
  • Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites
Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites

Temporary Hoarding Gates: BMP Designs for Australian Sites

  • Product No.:2024129303
  • Price:11.12$-16.12$
  • HS code:73144100
  • MOQ:250 kits
  • UV treated:10
  • Colors:RAL
  • Production Time:28 days
  • Packing:Metal pallet
  • Wire Diameter:2.5mm /2.7mm /3.00mm /4.00mm
  • Tubes Option:25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 41.2mm
  • Mesh:60mmx150mm
  • Standard:AS4687-2007
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When it comes to safeguarding construction sites or temporary restricted areas, BMP's Temporary Hoarding Gates stand out as a top choice for businesses across Australia. Known for their sturdiness and versatility, these gates are an essential component for ensuring safety and secure access.

BMP's Hoarding Gates Range

1. Hoarding Pedestrian Gate (Code: 10106)

Dimensions: Height 2000mm x Width 1118mm Weight: 19kg Finish: Pre-Galvanised

This gate is perfect for pedestrian access, combining ease of use with robust construction. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for tight spaces.

Temporary Hoarding Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates 0

2. 2.3m Hoarding Panel (Code: 10206)

Dimensions: Height 2000mm x Width 2350mm Weight: 25.3kg Finish: Pre-Galvanised

Designed for wider access points, this panel is suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle passages. It provides a secure barrier while maintaining flexibility.

Temporary Hoarding Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates 1

3. Hoarding Vehicle Gate Galvanised (Code: 10105)

Dimensions: Height 1980mm x Width 4314mm Weight: 53.5kg Finish: Pre-Galvanised

This larger gate is specifically designed for vehicle access, ensuring a secure and wide entry point for trucks and machinery.

Temporary Hoarding Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates 1

Applications and Benefits


  • Construction Sites: Provides secure boundaries, controlling access to work areas.
  • Events: Ideal for crowd control and directing pedestrian flow.
  • Commercial Properties: Enhances security during non-operational hours.


  • Durability: Pre-galvanised finish ensures long-lasting resistance against weather elements.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various temporary applications, from construction sites to events.
  • Security: Offers reliable protection against unauthorized access.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free setup.

Setting up BMP's Temporary Hoarding Gates is easy and quick. This guide will show you how to install these gates step by step. You don't need special tools or skills, just follow these instructions!

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

First, get all your materials ready. You need hoarding panels, rubber feet for support, and couplers for connecting the panels. Lay them out where you want your fence to go. Make sure you space the panels evenly.

Step 2: Set Up the First Panel

Now, take your first panel. You'll see a tube on the side of the gate. Put this tube straight into one of the rubber feet. These feet keep the panel steady and stop it from moving.

Step 3: Connect the Panels

Next, grab your couplers. These are used to join the panels together. Each panel has vertical tubes on the sides. The couplers fit right into these tubes. So, connect your panels using the couplers.

Step 4: Build Your Fence

Keep adding more panels and couplers. Do this until your fence is as long as you need it to be. If you want a gate for people or cars, you can add this too.

Step 5: Add Extra Features

Once all your panels are connected, you can put on any extra things you need. This could be a gate for people to walk through or a gate for security.


BMP's Temporary Hoarding Gates are an excellent investment for Australian businesses seeking reliable and flexible site security solutions. With their robust construction and versatile design, these gates cater to a wide range of temporary fencing needs.