We Specialize in the Production of Temporary Fencing, Crowd Control Barriers, and a Wide Range of Additional Safety Solutions.

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  • Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia
  • Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia
  • Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia
  • Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia
Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia

Temp Fence AS4687-2007 Standard Hot sale Australia

  • Product No.:20241191058
  • Price:12.33-59.55$ per kits
  • HS code:73143100
  • MOQ:250 kits
  • UV treated:10
  • Colors:RAL
  • Production Time:21 days
  • Packing:metal pallet
  • Wire Diameter:2.5mm /2.7mm /3.00mm /4.00mm
  • Tubes Option:25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 41.2mm
  • Mesh:60mmx150mm
  • Standard:AS4687-2007
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 At BMP, we offer a range of temp fence solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of Australian environments. Our fences are not only robust and secure but also easy to set up and adaptable for a variety of uses.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Temporary Fencing Panels 32mm tube wall thick 2.00mm inside and outside zinc coated 1

High-Quality Materials for Durability

BMP's temporary fences are made from low carbon steel wire and hot-dipped galvanized pipes. This combination ensures the fences are sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion, making them perfect for the Australian climate.

Customizable Surface Treatments Temp Fence 

Our temporary fences come with several surface treatment options including electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated, and powder-coated finishes. These treatments enhance the fence's durability and offer options to suit different preferences and environmental conditions.

Effortless Installation

One of the key benefits of BMP's temporary fencing is the ease of installation. These fences are designed for quick setup without the need to disturb the ground by digging holes or laying foundations. This feature makes them ideal for a variety of temporary settings.

Wide Range of Specifications Temp Fence 

Our temporary fences come in various specifications to cater to different needs:

  • Wire Diameter: Ranging from 2.50mm to 5.00mm.
  • Panel Size: Including 2100x2400mm, 1800x2400mm, and more.
  • Mesh Opening: Options like 60x150mm, 50x150mm, and 75x75mm.
Feature Details
Material Low Carbon Steel Wire and Hot Dipped Galvanized Pipe
Surface Treatment Options: Electro Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, PVC Coated, Powder Coating, Paint Spraying
Wire Diameter Ranges from 2.50mm to 5.00mm
Panel Size (HxL) Options include 2100x2400mm, 1800x2400mm, 1800x2500mm, etc.
Infill Mesh Opening Sizes like 60x150mm, 50x150mm, 75x75mm, etc.
Frame Pipe Size Diameters: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 42mm, 48mm (Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm)
Common Specification Panel Size: 2400mm(L) x 2100mm(H), Wire Diameter: 4.0mm, Frame Pipe: 32mm OD, 1.5mm Thickness, Mesh Opening: 60*150mm
Foot Type Blow Plastic Moulding Feet, Inject Plastic Moulding Feet
Surface Treatment Hot Dipped Galvanized to Australian Standard - 42 Microns
Temporary Fence Panel Designed for durability and harsh conditions
Panel Features Anti-climb mesh infill, 360° weld, crimped horizontal pipe ends, high galvanizing thickness, easy installation
Fence Base Plastic/Concrete Fence Feet, high visibility colors, safe and sturdy
Concrete Base Types Blow Plastic Moulding Feet (Common Dimensions: 600mm x 230mm x 130mm, Hole Diameter: OD28mm, 25mm,32mm,42mm,48mm), Inject Plastic Moulding Feet (Size: 570mm x 230mm x130mm, Plastic Net Weight: 1.3kg, Total Weight: 28kg)
Clamps Hot dipped galvanized, zinc thickness 42microns, suitable for various pipe diameters
Fence Stay Supports the fence in high wind, hot dipped galvanized 42 microns thickness
Benefits Quick and easy to install, versatile applications, protective and compliant with public liability claims, options for hinged gates and panel stabilizers, available fence extensions
Compliance with Australian Standards Temp Fence 

BMP’s temporary fencing meets the Australian standard AS 4687-2007, assuring you of its quality and safety.

temporary fencing panels 2100mm x 2400mm 14 microns zinc layer hot dipped galvanized

Versatile Applications

Our fences are ideal for:

  • Construction Sites: For securing sites and equipment.
  • Residential Projects: Perfect for temporary boundaries during housing developments.
  • Public Events: For crowd management at concerts, festivals, and sports events.
  • Pool Areas: To enhance safety around swimming pools.

Advantages of Choosing BMP Temp Fence 

  • User-Friendly: BMP fences are easy to transport, install, and dismantle.
  • Flexible: Suitable for various temporary fencing requirements.
  • Safe and Visible: High-visibility colors reduce tripping hazards.
  • Wind-Resistant: Additional braces provide stability in windy conditions.


BMP’s Temp Fence solutions offer an effective and efficient way to secure various sites across Australia. With their blend of strength, flexibility, and ease of use, BMP fences are the go-to choice for temporary fencing needs.