Construction Site Fence Panels

We have been involved in Australia and New Zealand temporary fencing deal 10 years experience welding and supplying manufactured we grow with all customers in Oceania ,we are never the biggest of temporary fencing supplier in china but we always best one in this area, If you need temporary fencing just contact us give you the right advice in every project contact pieces of information 

Temporary Fencing Kitconsist of 1 pcs temporary fencing panels ,1 pcs temporary fence clips and 1 pcs temporary fence base
Temporary Fencing panels
Our Temporary Fencing Panels height available customers from 1800mm height to 2200mm and width stipulated as per 2400mm ,2500mm ,3300mm .Treatment of fencing are full hot dipped galvanized alternate between electrostatic powder coated and Prepared galvanized then silver painted ,all panels are full hand welding overall of pipes without omit . 1800mm x 2400mm temporary fencing OD 32 pipes2100mm x2400mm temporary fencing OD 32 pipes2000mm x2200mm temporary fencing OD 32 pipes  
Temporary Fencing FootUV 531  UV 770 BHT  treatment 600mm x 220mm x 130mm inside fill concrete
ClipsAvailable 3 types 80mm ,90mm ,100mm center
Temporary Fencing postAvailable OD 25 ,OD 32 OD 38 OD 40mm and OD 42 mm etc
Upright Temp Fence BraceIn high wind area, each brace required 3 clamps and at least 1 PCS foot
Shade cloth70% density UV treatment dark green and blue color
GateAvailable pedestrian Gate
NOTEAlternate Inject Plastic Foot