Temporary Fence Panels

LNF is a leading temporary fencing manufacturer all we supplied construction fence panels are fully meet AS4687-2007 we ow complete production system to make temporary fencing panels clamp even all types of temporary fencing base in one working shop, We design and makes complete temporary fencing system full range of fence brace and pedestrian gates and vehicle gate shade cloth and handrails etc

Standard Temporary Fence Panels

Comprehensive Range of Temporary Fence

LNF offers a full range of temporary fencing panels to Australia and New Zealand Market we strictly performed AS4687-2007 standard to ensure customer construction site under the highest safe level. Since the 2005 years, the weld mesh and chain mesh temporary fencing was gradually imported by a local buyer through long term and repeat service of construction site the overall dimension 2100mm height and a 2400mm width OD32mm tube with 60mm*150mm was proved no matter of wind testing and impact testing and cost of construction fencing panels among all of other specification of temporary fencing was with excellent capacity

Powder Coated Temporary Fence Panels

LNF-Powder Coated Temporary Fencing panels are electrostatic spray powder coated minimum 80 microns thickness inside of the tube and infilled mesh are hot dipped galvanized 2100mm height x 2400mm available various of color such orange yellow green blue and so on 32mm tube 40mm tube wall thickness 1.20mm 1.40mm 1.80mm and 2.00mm infilled mesh 60mm*150mm diameter 3.00mm 4.00mm etc

Economic 3.00mm Temporary Fence Panels-14 microns zinc thickness

2100mm height 2400mm width OD 32mm*1.40mm Infill Mesh 60mm150mm*3.00mm Pre-Hot dipped Galvanized 100gram/sqm equal to 14 microns zinc thickness Real Weight of Fencing Panel:14.00kg/pieces

OD32mm*1.40mm*60mm*150mm*3.0mm smart economic smart temporary Fencing Panels are one of cheapest temporary fence panels if you want to run a construction fence sales business

Economic 3.80mm Temporary Fence Panels-14 microns zinc thickness

2100mm Height 2400mm Width OD32mm*1.80mm Infilled Mesh 60mm*150mm*3.80mm Hot dipped Galvanized 100gram/sqm and equal to 14 microns zinc thickness real weight of fence panels 20.5kg/pieces

Due to a 100gram/sqm galvanized standard and price are affordable are one of popular Standard Temporary Fence Panels for Hire Business or for sale The one was widely imported by Australia and New Zealand

Economic 4.00mm Temporary Fence Panels-14 microns zinc thickness

Economic 4.00mm OD32mm*2.00mm wall thick 2100mm*2400mm temporary fencing panels with a 100gram/sqm hot dipped galvanized weight of fencing panels 22.50kg/pcs come with anti-climb mesh 60mm*150mm*4.00mm diameter

it is enough super heavy duty a 22.50kg of temporary fencing panel with a minimum 3 years anti-rusting all welds cold zinc spray painted to suit a longer term hire business

Standard 3.00mm Temporary Fence Panels -42 microns zinc thickness

All LNF standard temporary fencing panels are minimum with a 42 microns zinc thickness equal to 300gram/sqm minimum hot dipped galvanized OD32mm*1.50mm wall thick tube 2100mm height and a 2400mm width temporary fencing panels

it is a reliable solution for both of hire and sales in Australia and New Zealand market a 1.50mm tubes hot dipped galvanized are 42 microns minimum to suit local environmental required to assure the service life with a minimum 5 years come with 60mm*150mm*3.00mm anti-climb mesh it is not heavy duty so the price is affordable

Standard 3.80mm Temporary Fence Panels -42 microns zinc thickness

42 microns zinc thickness outer tubing are fully hot-dipped galvanized be AS/NZS standard and a 20.50kg weight of fencing panels come with anti-climb mesh 60mm*150mm*3.80mm wire diameter and OD32mm*1.80mm wall thickness tube

it is a good temporary fencing panel for my hire business -customers from Perth

Standard 4.0mm Temporary Fence Panels -42 microns zinc thickness

100% heavy duty design temporary fencing panels a sheet of panel is 22.50kg fully meet and complied with no matter Australia and New Zealand Enviormental OD32mm*2.00mm Tube and come with anti-climb mesh 60mm*150mm*4.00mm diameter 42 microns hot dipped galvanized equal to 300gram/M2

it is most classical temporary fencing both Australia and New Zealand was widely imported by all temporary fencing panels hire and sale companies

Super HQ 4.00mm Temporary Fencing Panels -84 microns zinc thickness

23kg design of temporary fencing panels 4.00mm wire and OD32mm*2.00mm tube mesh 60mm*150mm fully dipped in zinc pool service life 15 years + minimum 600 gram/m2 hot dipped galvanized standard

If you required highest service life of temporary fence panels No Doubt we will recommend it to you -LNF Business Owner

Economic OD40mm*1.50mm Temporary Fence Panels

18.00kg design of temporary fence panels 14 microns equal to 100gram/m2 pre-galvanized all welds with cold zinc spray painted a robust design of steel tubing such as fortress fencing both sale and hire them in local market a standard 2100mm height*2400mm width comes with anti-climb mesh 60mm*150mm*3.00mm

Customized Your Own Temporary Fencing Panels

LNF Supply full range of temporary fencing panels if you need please feel free to contact us at sales@toptemporaryfence.com.au all these fencing panels were sold to Australia and New Zealand

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